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September 20, 2018

Measuring Performance in Procurement

It seems that more and more is expected out of procurement and supply chain professionals. With this in mind, how do we establish meaningful performance metrics that demonstrate how well we are actually performing?

This presentation will feature several areas that procurement performance is measured at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Procurement and Supply Chain services is a department responsible for the purchase of $125 million of goods and services annually. With limited resources and a campus customer base that expects a high level of service, UCSC regularly measures the following areas:

  • Sustainable procurement spend (green cleaners, PCW copy paper, etc.)
  • Turnaround time for purchasing requests (“turn time”)
  • Spend with local suppliers (Santa Cruz County)
  • Spend with women owned businesses
  • Spend with veteran owned businesses
  • Financial benefits achieved (cost savings, reduction, avoidance, etc.)
Find out what this coastal university is doing to measure procurement performance and how they go about reporting it to the campus community and senior leadership.

Darin Matthews, CPSM, CPPO

Darin Matthews is the Director of Procurement & Supply Chain for the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has over 25 years of procurement and supply chain experience in a variety of sectors, and formerly served as President of NIGP: Institute for Public Procurement. He has served as a faculty member for several universities, teaching courses on public procurement, supply chain management, and construction contracting. Darin is the author of several books and articles, including Effective Supply Management Performance published by ISM, and his most recent book, Public Procurement by Birkdale Publishers. He is also a columnist for Government Procurement magazine and speaks throughout the world on such issues as strategic procurement, sustainable procurement strategies, and global logistics.

Meeting Time:
5:30pm Social Networking, 6:00pm Dinner, 6:30 Presentation,
7:30 Conclusion of Meeting

** ISM-WV has implemented a new attendance initiative.  For those that do not wish to attend the dinner portion of the meeting, but do wish to attend the presentation, you may now attend the meeting at a reduced cost.  Attendance for the meeting only will be $5 for members and $10 for non-members.  You should arrive between 6:15PM and 6:30PM; the presentations start at 6:30PM.  Be sure to mention that you are attending only the presentation portion of the meeting when you RSVP. **

Hilton Garden Inn – Eugene / Springfield
3528 Gateway Street | Springfield, OR 97477


By September 17, 2018
terry.teter@farweststeel.com or Phone: 541-681-7205 

Schedule of events for 2018/2019

September 20, 2018
Topic: Measuring Performance in Procurement
Presenter: Darin Matthews, CPSM, CPPO

November 15, 2018
Topic: To be announced soon

February 21, 2019
Topic: Oregon/Lane County Economic Overview Presenter: Brian Rooney, Regional Economist, Lane County (Eugene MSA)

March 14, 2019
Topic: To be announced soon

May 9, 2019
Topic: To be announced soon

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Dinner Meeting

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Should there be any questions or confusion about this policy, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Board of Directors.

Ideas for Future Meeting Topics:

Constructive Confrontation • Laws of Agencies (Battle of the forms) • Inventory Management • Ethics and Professionalism • World Class Procurement • Certification (What’s out there) • Contract Management/Principles of Auditing for Compliance • Performance Measures (how do you do it) • Dress for Success • Lean Office • Risk management within the Supply Chain • Supplier Diversity • Warehousing • Vendor Managed Inventory vs. Company Managed Inventory • Surplus/Obsolete Equipment and Supplies • Capital Budget Planning – Managing the annual budget • Forecasting • Negotiations • Sales Perspectives (what’s it like dealing with Purchasing Professionals) • ISM Resources

Please send a note of the meeting topics you would like to hear about to Tony DeVico tony.devico@ism-willamettevalley.org